Make Mobile Money available for ecommerce

KKiaPay allows businesses to receive payments by mobile money, credit card and bank account safely. Integrate KKiaPay and receive your payments from all over the world.


One solution for all your online payments

Whether you are a financial institution (microfinance, insurance), an online business, an online service provider or a fundraising service, whether you have a web or mobile platform, KKiaPay is the ideal platform at your disposal to receive your payments through a single interface, from all over the world.

Recovery of assets at any time and in full transparency

KKiaPay allows you to easily recover at any time the amounts collected regardless of their origin. Set up your repayment frequency in your preferences and receive the amount collected in one click on your bank account or mobile money account.

A clean, simple and secure dashboard

Follow your transactions, access payment information in your KKiaPay dashboard, and regularly access new features. Simplify cash flow monitoring by simply exporting your receipt data as reports in Excel format.

Integrate KKiaPay now

Whether your platform is web or mobile, the integration process remains the same

2- Get the API key

3- Integrate plugin or SDK on your platform

Dedicated KKiaPay expert to support you

Our experts are here to support you throughout your life at KKiaPay. A professional dedicated to your company is at your disposal to guide you in your integration process.