Kkiapay Push up, the one-click bulk payment solution

Send money instantly to multiple mobile money wallets simply, efficiently and securely

How does it work?


Top up your Push up account

Provisioning consists of depositing the funds you wish to pay to your beneficiaries into your Push Up account via bank transfer to Kkiapay’s bank account, via mobile money or via credit card.


Upload the beneficiary file

Upload a file with the beneficiaries’ details, including their mobile money or bank accounts, as well as the amounts to be sent. A single operation allows you to process several beneficiaries simultaneously.


Start payment

When you initiate a payment on Push up, our platform sends a confirmation request to the validator(s) you have designated. This step guarantees the security and accuracy of the transaction.


Get a detailed report on the operation

After each transaction, you can obtain a detailed report containing all key information. This report includes details of the transactions carried out, as well as relevant statistics. This gives you a complete and accurate picture of every transaction carried out.

Our clear and efficient pricing model makes it easy to manage your bulk payments.


7500 Fcfa

Valid for 30 days

100 transactions


27 500 Fcfa

Valid for 30 days

500 transactions


75 000 Fcfa

Valid for 30 days

2000 transactions


125 000 Fcfa

Valid for 30 days

5000 transactions

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