Kkiapay POS offers your customers a simple and easy way to pay

Request payment by Mobile Money by entering your customer’s phone number and the amount you wish to cash in. You customer will then only need to enter their PIN number to validate the payment

Payment methods accepted

How to use Kkiapay-POS ?

Create and activate your Kkiapay account

Access the Kkiapay menu to enter the customer’s amount and Mobile Money number

Instantly receive a confirmation message as soon as payment is made

Access transactions’ history on your dashboard

Give new life to your business

Transaction monitoring

Access status of each transaction, monitor your funds collection and make refunds to your customers.

Cash flow monitoring

Simplify your cash flow monitoring and easily export data in Excel format. View the amount collected from each of the available payment methods.

Customer information overview

Review easily your customers’ details and strengthen your customer care

Receive your payments anytime

Set up your repayment frequency in your preferences and receive the collected amount in one click into your bank account or mobile money account.

Ready to receive your first payment ?

Ask our managers a question or create your Kkiapay account now