Integrate KKiaPay into your platform easily

A customizable widget

Link your website to your ephemeral store with our SDKs and customize every aspect of the sales bridge customer interface. Set up a payment method adapted to your company.

A simple API for developers

Test our tools and explore the features of KKiaPay's Rest API

Get your API key on :

Integrate KKiaPay in your application, by adding the following script just before the end of your body closing tag :

<script src="">

Then, add the button 'Pay Now', using these code lines :

<kkiapay-widget amount="1" key="d28a5ab0219f11e9a96003ad393e52c4" callback="" />

Get more informations on the Javascript guide.

Integrate KKiaPay in your application by adding the following code line in the dependencies part of the file build.gradle of your Android application.

implementation 'co.opensi.kkiapay:kkiapay:1.1.8'

In the class 'Application', initialize the library using your API key.

Kkiapay.init(applicationContext,"<kkiapay-api-key>", SdkConfig(themeColor = R.color.colorPrimary, imageResource = R.raw.armoiries))

Get more informations onthe Android guide.

Integrate KKiaPay into your application, by downloading and installing plugin here:

You can also search KkiaPay plugin from your Wordpress dashboard by going in your 'Extensions' and search it.

Get more informations on the Wordpress guide.

Dedicated KKiaPay expert to support you

Our experts are here to support you throughout your life at KKiaPay. A professional dedicated to your company is at your disposal to guide you in your integration process.